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Pinnacle Wine Grapes
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wine yeast

the winemaker's CHOICE

As a global yeast producer we deliver a premium wine yeast range that meets the growing demands of our valued customers.



We offer:


a diverse range of yeasts

strains for wines that have greater complexity & depth

robust strains to withstand greater stress tolerance

technical support

customer focused solutions

YEAST strains

Consumers are constantly looking for new trends in wine with improved flavour and aroma complexity – but without negative characteristics.


For winemakers to produce these styles of wine they need a yeast portfolio that can produce aromas and flavours consistent with premium wine styles, as well as being able to withstand the greater stress tolerance encountered in winemaking that include:


climate change

changing viticultural practices

new grape varieties

winery technologies & throughput requirements


AB Biotek has developed the Pinnacle wine yeast range to be the winemaker's choice for a premium wine with minimal fuss in the winery.


Please select one of our products below to find out more about each and click to download the Product Information sheet.



RESEARCH & development

Briefed by our customer-focused global technical team, our R&D team screen from our own large yeast strain bank to identify and develop specialist products with the right characteristics. These include yeast strains tailored to the production of super-premium wines with greater complexity and depth.


Other yeast strains are focused on more holistic issues such as climate change and include fructophilic capability to avoid the chances of sluggish and stuck fermentations that are becoming an increasing problem.


Wine Yeast research and development

about US

AB Biotek is part of AB Mauri, the global yeast and ingredients division of the international group Associated British Foods (ABF).


We are proud of our history in producing high quality alcoholic beverage yeast products across all end-use markets.


We support our customers and product portfolio with superior technical knowledge, which helps us produce wine yeast with a distinctive edge that is second to none.


Our in-market technical managers and specialist distributors consult with our global R&D team to focus on solutions for any customer in any scenario they face.

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Dr. Jason Mabbett

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Attilio Bellachioma

+39 334641 6584

South Africa

Dr Anthony Heinrich

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